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Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary

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DIY Paper Fans

DIY Paper Fans

This is the easiest DIY I know but its so effective. My friends birthday was last week and we decided to have a bit of atmosphere at the event with a  festival/boho theme. This was one of the creative piece we came up with that cost very little to make. So lets get started…..

DIY&Lane 062

First the materialColorful newspaper, I went with a free Urban Outfitters magazine, Twine, a scissors, double sided tape and of course no craft session would be complete with an Irish cup of tea. Barrys of course.

DIY&Lane 069This step is pretty easy, most people learn this in primary school. Fan your paper front and back to make an accordion. How i did this step was first folded my paper in half and half again , keep going till you have a small fold left. Just to get the outline and then start folding front and back. It will make more sense when approaching it.

Repeat this 4 times.

DIY&Lane 072

With each fan, pinch it in the middle and fold. Do each fan in this step.

DIY&Lane 074

Tape two accordions together in the middle, it should look like this.

DIY&Lane 080

Do the same with the next two, add them on by taping them by the fold in the middle.

DIY&Lane 087

When your finished taping, the next thing to do is tie a string in the middle of your fan.

DIY&Lane 096

Bring together the sides…

DIY&Lane 107

To make your paper fan look the way they do, take a small piece of tape and bring together the sides of the fan to make a complete circle.

That’s it, its so simple.

In the next post, I’ll show you the end result. Happy DIYing.

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