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Trick or Treat!

Trick or Treat!


virgin mary2

3 Mood boards for Halloween

First off Halloween is my favorite time of the year, although Christmas is up at the top too!  Halloween is all about dressing up, for me its about being creative and being someone different for the night. Also lots of glitter thrown in!

Mood board number one is a array of different decorations; mostly DIY for that Halloween party your gonna throw.

I am fascinated with Halloween costumes and when it comes to vintage Halloween and seeing when people used to dress like its just makes me giggle with happiness.

Last but not least, my Halloween costume. I’m going as the Virgin Mary. I’ve already started my dress and cape but most importantly I’ve to get started on my halo soon, Time is running out!

Hope everyone has a safe Halloween this year x


Please Sir…

Please Sir...

Not sure what it is but I just adore the graphics on this.

Interior – Name Tag

Interior - Name Tag

Such a great idea, all I need now is a house and family.



Gilt Room of Marie-Antoinette

Hall of Mirrors

Marie Antoinette‘s bedroom

Beauty And Essex

Beauty And Essex

Beauty and Essex  is a restaurant in the lower east side of New York. The establishment looks like a music shop from the front of the building, after visiting the shop you are brought through a secret door to enter the restaurant. It sounds like such a good idea. Next time I’m in New York I’m visiting.