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Window Displays

Window Displays

26b19b61e5a4b114e1b58a5d91d34289I have been researching in store displays and came across this vintage window displays and signs.  If I ever owned a shop, I’d want it to look like these.





Taken in Bunratty Castle 

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Please Sir…

Please Sir...

Not sure what it is but I just adore the graphics on this.

The Big E

The Big E


I’m not usually a fan of people doing celebrity posts but I couldn’t help it. I’m not that much a fan of his music but he wasn’t the worst looking guy back in his day. I probably would of had a poster of him in my room. Good work Mr and Ms Presley.

Take Care and God Bless

Take Care and God Bless

Most Common Irish sayings, Take Care, God Bless

Tea Time


I just love the graphics and lettering in this, since working with retail interiors I found out graphics are very important.

I was think I might get them printed and hang them in my kitchen.

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