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Strawberry Mojito

Strawberry Mojito


Get the paddling pool ready its Mojito time! With summer comes fresh strawberries comes deliciousness and don’t forget nutritious. With this cocktail you can impress your friend and tell them you’re a professional mixoligist, it’s so simple.

It is thristy Tuesdays after all!

1 teaspoon of chopped ginger

4 strawberries

10 leaves of mint

1 table spoon of lime juice

1 table spoon of brown sugar

1 shot of spiced rum

1 shot of Ginger ale


Strawberry Mojito 3


Crush the ginger, strawberries, mint and lime juice in a cocktail shaker into a paste.

Add the ice, brown sugar and spiced rum and shake. Strain into a glass and top it off with ginger ale. Garnish with a strawberry and mint.

Strawberry Mojito 2

Strawberry Mojito 4


White eggs

White eggs

yamamori izakaya

yamamori izakaya

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I’ve tried to find sushi in Dublin as good as the sushi I used to eat in China Town in London, i finally found it.


Don’t slag me, Its exciting because I’ve been looking for months without any success.
I can’t say anything wrong about the decor as the interior designer I was interning with designed it, I have yet to see the area I helped designed on the north side branch. I’m sure its amazballs I designed it, hehe.
One of the best night so far this year.