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Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary

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Trick or Treat!

Trick or Treat!


virgin mary2

3 Mood boards for Halloween

First off Halloween is my favorite time of the year, although Christmas is up at the top too!  Halloween is all about dressing up, for me its about being creative and being someone different for the night. Also lots of glitter thrown in!

Mood board number one is a array of different decorations; mostly DIY for that Halloween party your gonna throw.

I am fascinated with Halloween costumes and when it comes to vintage Halloween and seeing when people used to dress like its just makes me giggle with happiness.

Last but not least, my Halloween costume. I’m going as the Virgin Mary. I’ve already started my dress and cape but most importantly I’ve to get started on my halo soon, Time is running out!

Hope everyone has a safe Halloween this year x

DIY Paper Fans

DIY Paper Fans

This is the easiest DIY I know but its so effective. My friends birthday was last week and we decided to have a bit of atmosphere at the event with a  festival/boho theme. This was one of the creative piece we came up with that cost very little to make. So lets get started…..

DIY&Lane 062

First the materialColorful newspaper, I went with a free Urban Outfitters magazine, Twine, a scissors, double sided tape and of course no craft session would be complete with an Irish cup of tea. Barrys of course.

DIY&Lane 069This step is pretty easy, most people learn this in primary school. Fan your paper front and back to make an accordion. How i did this step was first folded my paper in half and half again , keep going till you have a small fold left. Just to get the outline and then start folding front and back. It will make more sense when approaching it.

Repeat this 4 times.

DIY&Lane 072

With each fan, pinch it in the middle and fold. Do each fan in this step.

DIY&Lane 074

Tape two accordions together in the middle, it should look like this.

DIY&Lane 080

Do the same with the next two, add them on by taping them by the fold in the middle.

DIY&Lane 087

When your finished taping, the next thing to do is tie a string in the middle of your fan.

DIY&Lane 096

Bring together the sides…

DIY&Lane 107

To make your paper fan look the way they do, take a small piece of tape and bring together the sides of the fan to make a complete circle.

That’s it, its so simple.

In the next post, I’ll show you the end result. Happy DIYing.

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