Photo Booth Time

Photo Booth Time

I am the biggest fan of photo booths, any time I see one I drag who ever is with me into them. Its just a nice reminder you’ll have forever. Some of these pictures are really old and some are really drunk so excuse my drunken face. If anyone has any ideas on how to display my photo booth pictures please let me know as mine are just in random places around my room.


2 thoughts on “Photo Booth Time

  1. I have three thoughts on how to display them…one would be less time consuming than the other.
    1) Use a standard frame and display them as you have here, in large groups with or without a mat (I think a mat would be nicer) or 2) Using white card-stock paper cut mats that are big enough to display one strip per frame and display them gallery style on a wall. Big matts with small pictures and 3 to 5 minimum on the wall could make a striking display. 3) Using white card-stock and a large frame cut staggered strips in the card big enough for the strip and display several strips in each frame.
    Would love to see what you come up with!

  2. Thanks Laura, you always have such amazing ideas. I think i’ll do number 2. This might be a stupid question but what is a mat?

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