Vintage Clothing Part 2

Vintage Clothing Part 2

I’ve wore the last two dresses to weddings last year.  I need more weddings to go to, so if your getting married holla so I can wear more of my vintage dresses. My favorite dress is the white glitter dress as it has a low back which I still haven’t worn.

The first picture is a nurses cape from World War 2.


7 thoughts on “Vintage Clothing Part 2

  1. I’d like to see your lovely pieces on a judy or a mannequin.

  2. I wish I had a mannequin but I should try and get the clothes on me at some stage and take some snaps.

  3. How gorgeous!
    I think I like the dress with the pleated skirt best but the beaded black number is pretty amazing too!

  4. Thanks Laura, the pink pleated dress is a tiny bit to big for me so I need to get it taken in. This is it on…..

  5. thelookes says:

    Loving the beaded black dress as well as the long pale pink beaded dress! Beautiful vintage pieces 😀

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