London booked

New Jacket = Zara

Going to wear this tomorrow but just realised the t-shirt is filthy so that’s being put in the wash. Hate when that happens.

Just booked London in 2 weeks times, cant wait to see my bestie and everyone I left behind. Lots of shopping and catching up will be done.


7 thoughts on “London booked

  1. To me this outfit is perfection. Where did you get the Lil Wayne tee? I was just looking at one similar 2 weeks ago in Georges St Arcade. xxx

    • I got it in ‘Spitalfields Market’ in London, its pretty bad quality so its lost its shape but I still wear it, I don’t care 🙂
      Do you have any other good ones in ‘Georges Arcade’?

  2. Pierotucci says:

    I hate that too when you have a piece of clothing in mind that you “Just gotta where”, you pull it out, slip it on and realize Yikes, there is a mark or a spot. Then you have to figure…is it really that noticeable ? or can I get away with it? and do I have anything to sub it with.

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