Fashion Fur

I’ve literally watched this about 50times now.

The Fur, the hair, the music it all works.

I love that fact Vogue are never afraid to use real fur in campaigns. This might sound outrageous but people with extensive amounts of wealth are going to buy fur no matter. I don’t believe in new fur and the killing of innocent animal for people’s vanity but I do believe in vintage fur. There is no point in leaving that dashing coat in your wardrobe forever letting it rot away. I hate the fact people are still afraid of these protesters and getting red paint poured over then, even I am. I have heard some horror stories. Vintage shops that I have worked in sold fur and we have protesters but all they want to do is frighten you for fur coat that was made in the 1930’s.

Ah fuck it ……I’m going to wear that Fur coat that’s been hung up in my wardrobe tonight.


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